Fayetteville High School Lacrosse Club
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Method Lacrosse

We are excited to present Method Lacrosse. Method's  main mission is to give back to the youth of Arkansas. As high school lacrosse is growing rapidly here in Arkansas, we discussed what Method needs to be for these young men and young women. We continually came back to individual growth in aspects such as: Exactness, integrity, discipline,  relentlessness, and virtue. Method is determined to dedicate time, energy, and dontaitons, to all natural state lacrosse league participants. We are dedicated to continue the cultivation of the sport of lacrosse, the knowledge of lacrosse, and the culture of both winning and personal growth. We are excited to continue to give back to the community of both Northwest Arkansas and the Natural State Lacrosse League. 


Bear State 


Youth Lacrosse

Ozark Mountain Lacrosse (OZMO)

Our mission at Ozark Mountain Lacrosse is to grow the game of lacrosse in NW Arkansas. To fulfill this mission we provide year round lacrosse programming to include leagues, camps, clinics and lacrosse related experiences through various partnerships.